Fixed prosthesis, dental plates and arches


For the sake of a long-lasting result we can decide for an individual crown if the material of the individual tooth isfractured or carious in a high extent or if removing an old, big filling and cleaning out the substance of tooth will cause significant shortage in dental material. Of course the aesthetic correction of teeth can be made by dental plates, and theprojecting, hanging out, irregular and disturbing arc of teeth can be compensated or restored as well with dental plates and arches. The dental plates are prepared by an imprint, made by the dental technician, following the preparation (grinding) of teeth. The preparation will be carried out, without pain, in local anesthesia, taking into consideration the type, demand of room, etc. of dental plates to be prepared. Aesthetic temporary supplement is provided to our patients following the process to be able to continue their life undisturbed and comfortable. A pattern will be moulded from the imprint and the previously agreed dental plates will be built on that. The agreement with the patient has an important role because three factors determine the aesthetic effect of a tooth or a dental plate: its form (that is the size and standing), its surface(smooth or toothed, convex or plate), or its color and transparency. Our determining of color take into consideration the followings: shade of color group (whitish-yellowish, grayish, redish-brownish), intensity of color, within a shade of color group, the outline of cutting edge, determination of the color of tooth-neck, and the determination of individual character like whitish stains on neighborhood teeth, yellowish, brownish alterations, enamel effect, etc. Of course, these characteristics must be considered if prosthesis, dental plates or arches are prepared. We preferably use, with our dental technicians, individual ceramics dying methods, special ceramics building-up opportunities. Following the ready made dental plates, its aesthetic effect and functionality (undisturbed chewing, speaking) will be checked. The good clearability of dental plates is important, therefore we hand-over those methods and processes that will provide to our clients a good feeling to wear inperceptibly and keep clean their prosthesis.

If it is requested by our patients to supply a defect in the line of their teeth, and it is possible by medical-biomechanical aspects, we are ready to make dental arches. The anchors of dental arches are actually the crowns sitting on existing teeth while the "missing teeth" will be prepared with the same techniques. The basic material of dental crowns and arches is bicompatible materials. Preparation time is 1 week..


More and more frequently demand is to replace lost teeth with implantates. In this case, even a sole crown can be built on an implantate to supply one missing tooth but both in case of absence of larger extent, or to supply more than one tooth, we think the best solution is to apply fixed dental plates.

The growing importance of aesthetic aspects of dental plates and small span dental arches, and the wide spread minimal invasive (less intervention demand) technologies, we apply more and more metal-free dental plates and special, adhesive technology that provides a good fixation of them. Then we use special ceramicssynthetic-resin mixtures and glass-fiber reinforcement during the preparation of prosthesis.


Dental plates (removable)


If the rest of the teeth of the patient or the number and location (status) of his/her implantates do not make possible the preparation of fixed dental plates (arches) then the chewing-, speaking-, and aesthetic function can be restored by prosthesis of dental plates. Therefore in such cases the load of chewing will be shared between the teeth and the mucus membrane - bone base. Dental plates consist of a thin "basic-sheet" of metal that is positioned to the less uncomfortable location as far as possible. This kind of prosthesis is fixed by clamps to the teeth, therefore we apply it rarely, but with a combination of dental archs we can provide a well fixed prosthesis to our patients.


The removable prosthesis is attached to the dental arch with a small, invisible clamp (press-stud) that can be fixed with just a move. Both dental prosthesis and its artificial gum part will be prepared in harmony with the existing teeth and form of teeth of prosthesis. Of course, the complete toothlessness - without implantates - can be cured only with removable, complete dental plates' prosthesis.


Telescope, stage


When we have very few teeth to work with but would like to prepare the possibly best prosthesis fixed to one or two teeth or implantates in a similarly few numbers, we may choose telescope anchoring, or may provide with stage solution the excellent fixation of prosthesis. At the telescope anchoring - like at the old-fashioned telescopes -, parallel adjusting partsinserted in a hidden way into the removable prosthesis provide the fixation while at the stage method a straight bar, with its large surface, serves as support for the prosthesis and with the help of an anchoring surface. Of course, with the formation of the dental prosthesis and its artificial gum, we are aiming to reach an aesthetic appearance wich is in harmony with the face’s character and individual demands.


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